“Grantwell gave me the opportunity to build projects from the ground floor and then see them to fruition. Grantwell is an amazing opportunity that students should seize if they are considering entering the nonprofit arena.” -Andy Bean

“Grantwell has provided me with real-life experience in foundation work which has made all the difference in my education. Grantwell has helped me to recognize the contribution a few students can make in their community and makes me excited for to apply skills we are gaining in our future service.” -Alison Gutierez

“Grantwell has been a great opportunity for me to gain leadership experience, learn how to work and interact in the non-profit sector, and serve those who are less fortunate.  Last year my team helped allocate $10,000 to help improve children’s health and education in Brazil.  This year with the Development Team I have the chance to help build new projects and create new opportunities for the future of Grantwell.  It’s rewarding to feel like you make a difference, but I feel like I have received back even more than I have given with all that I have learned and experienced while being involved in Grantwell.” – Jerry Hale

“Grantwell has given me real work experience with a real program. It is refreshing to work in a professional environment as a current student applying what I’m learning right now. Grantwell has a real and tangible outcome. I love the interaction and mentoring I have received through professional board members.” -Lindsay Johnson

“As a nonprofit director, I owe a lot to Grantwell for helping me prepare for a career in the public sector. Not only did I learn tangible skills that helped support my education, but the projects I worked on while in Grantwell were often the catalyst for job interviews and provided valuable networking opportunities that have supported my career. it helped me better understand what foundations and grant-giving organizations are looking for and how to best approach them for support and how to effectively evaluate and organize large projects.” -Chris Cannon

“Grantwell first attracted me to the MPA program, propelled me through it, and launched me into my career. In my job interviews, my ability to speak fluently about nonprofit management, share leadership experience, and identify meaningful results all greatly boosted my credibility. The teambuilding, leadership and nonprofit management experience from Grantwell has come into play daily in my current work.” -Andrew Marshall

“I loved being a part of Grantwell during my first year of the MPA program because it enabled me to immediately apply the skills that I was learning in my classes to a real-life scenario. As I worked with my team and implemented these skills, I was able to see how they worked in real life – what it was like to work in a team, what it was like to work with a large foundation, and how to not only use the skills I was learning in classes, but to build upon them. I didn’t have to wait until I graduated and found a job to make a difference in the world; I could start now.” – Lynsey Spence