What is Grantwell?
Grantwell is a student-run, faculty-advised consulting program. Through Grantwell, graduate students advise large donors in various aspects of their giving. The program gives students a chance to apply the non-profit management expertise they learn in the classroom to real-world projects.

Who can join?
Grantwell is for BYU graduate students of all emphases who are interested in nonprofit or philanthropic work.

Can I get credit for participating?
Graduate students can receive credit during their second year of Grantwell participation by enrolling in a 1.5 credit class each semester. First-year students typically volunteer with Grantwell and do not receive credit.

How much of a time commitment is required of me?
Each week, everyone participating in Grantwell meets together for announcements and recognition awards before being given time to work on team projects. Students usually spend 2-3 hours a week working with Grantwell.

How many semesters can I participate?
You can participate in as many semesters you are enrolled as BYU graduate student. However, you can only receive credit for two semesters (3.0 credits).

How is Grantwell structured?
Grantwell’s internal organization is broken down into several levels: board of directors, executive team, project teams, and faculty advisors. The board of directors includes faculty, alumni, and student members. The board oversees the longterm strategy and policies of Grantwell. The executive team consists of four student members: Executive Director, Development Director, Grants Director, and Marketing Director. Working together with the faculty advisor, the executive team oversees Grantwell’s daily and project-level operations. Project Teams are composed of Senior Program Officers who lead groups of Grantwell students to accomplish specific client projects. Faculty Advisors direct and advise the Grantwell organization and act as a liaison between the University standards and the Grantwell organization.

Do I get to decide which project I work on?
The executive team will assign you to a project based on your identified preferences.

Are the projects only nonprofit?
Grantwell seeks to provide projects that will be of interest to more than nonprofit management students. In the past, some of these projects have included working with local governments and working with local healthcare organizations.

What leadership roles are available?
Students who have participated in at least one semester of Grantwell are eligible to apply for positions on the board or on the executive team or as a Senior Program Officer.

Who do I contact if I want to get involved?