What scope of work do you offer?
Our three main specialties are grant making, grant allocation, and grant strategy. Because every organization has different needs, we will work closely with you to define a project. Past projects have focused on starting a grant, creating a strategy for allocating grant money, and establishing a strategy to better leverage your position in the community. We are not a marketing group and do not rebrand or develop nonprofits.

What is the cost?
Grantwell is offered as an experience for students and open for clients of all backgrounds. We do not want to limit who we work with, so there is no fee for using Grantwell services.

Do you support only local clients or national?
We offer support to national clients. If you are international, you qualify if you have 501c3 status that can operate in the United States

What is the timeline for projects?
Because Grantwell is run by students, we prefer projects that are August-December, January- April, or August-April. We are very happy to work with organizations for several years, but ask that individual projects follow the August-April schedule.

What is required of the client?
Expectations for both the clients and the students are defined in a Scope of Work Statement at the beginning of the project. Each client is required to be available for ongoing communication to answer questions and provide feedback on work done.

What can I expect as deliverables?
Deliverables are determined on a client-by-client basis. Past deliverables have included reports, presentations, forms, and processes.

Who do I contact if I want to get involved?